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Become a Creative and Entrepreneurial Leader.

Need to unlock your creative genius at an organizational level?  Allow me to guide—and accelerate—the growth of your creatively entrepreneurial qualities and abilities and I will help you discover the most effective ways to develop those qualities and abilities within your organization.   

Competing in a complex world means anticipating change and responding effectively and often quickly.

…It means turning problems into opportunities to make things better by making better things.

…It means continuous improvement in the inches and the minutes of daily organizational life.

…It means cultivating the bottoms-up self-organizing energy of your organization as it is the most sustainable growth strategy.

You and your organization will be more innovative and more adaptive, more resilient and more productive, when you become the most creative and entrepreneurial version of yourself you can be and when we discover effective strategies for you to lead your organization towards more creatively entrepreneurial behavior.

Give me a call, we can get started right away.

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About Me

I am a successful entrepreneur who launched six companies and helped entrepreneurs launch a dozen more across a wide range of business categories. I have worked in four of the creative industries. I am a best-selling and award winning novelist. I spent the past 14 years teaching creativity and entrepreneurship at Duke University and in October 2016 published ‘Becoming a Creative Genius (again)’. And my first job was a fishing guide in Ontario and Arkansas.

Relying on that experience, and my deep study of how to achieve the most creative and entrepreneurial behaviors regularly, I provide one-on-one coaching that will help you become a more effective creatively entrepreneurial leader.

The Lesson

1 Free Session

The First Session is my investment, designed so I can be as smart as I can as fast as I can about you and your creatively entrepreneurial profile and objectives.  This first session is free when you commit to the standard 5 lesson curriculum.

5 Sessions

After the exploratory session, the lesson plan will be catered specifically to your industry, company size, and creative goals.  Each main session will be roughly 1 hour each, with engaging exercise and interaction throughout.  Through these 5 sessions we will work to help your organization realize its innate creative abilities, build confidence in effective creative strategies, and teach you how to leverage these abilities for your organization’s success.  In the first call I will explain the work I accomplish between sessions, the research and reading and rumination tailored to you and your organization that helps me serve you best.

Based on your particular business needs, we will help tackle deep creative issues like:

  • Are you creative? Entrepreneurial? Resilient? Adaptive? Generative? Innovative? Resourceful? Inventive?
  • What are the most important value building skills or innovative business strategies, and how do you apply them?
  • Where can I find creative or entrepreneurial people doing good work?
  • What is your current strategy for leading creative teams?
  • What do you do to invite a creative approach to the work of your organization?

Set up a free call.

In our first call I will get to know your organization and begin forming a creative vision.  Leave me your info below and I will get in contact with you within 48 business hours.