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Additional stretches for your creativity.

Remember one more good reason to be intentional: your brain is like a muscle in that regular creative exercise will increase its creative capacity. So here’s a couple of good resources for finding creative exercises.

And keep in mind the value of the 30 Day CAP. We need to continually remind ourselves to get out of our status quo minds to benefit our creative perspectives, for fresh consideration. I have done three 30 Day CAP’s in the past two years.   

Creative Intuition

The type of creative challenge that exercises you subconscious creative intuition are the Remote Association tests; some researchers use them to test intuition, because most of us solve them that way, without being mindful of it. Some researchers insist they can only be solved by an intuitive, subconscious leap.

Every month or so I find a set of ten or so sets on line and challenge myself to complete them. Here’s a good collection and a site with lots going on you’ll find interesting.

Divergent Discovery and Convergent Creation

A core creative cognition. When you consider a greater diversity of options you are most likely to discover and create the one best for your current situation. That’s true during idea generation, and it’s true every time you make an execution decision.