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A simple hack to improve Blue Ocean strategy?

  Blue Ocean business strategies are directed towards the creation of a new market space that makes competitors irrelevant by creating new or significantly higher levels of value for customers, often while decreasing costs. It was introduced in 2005 by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne in their best-selling book, ‘Blue Ocean Strategy.’   I’ve been lucky. I never had to study Blue Ocean strategy; I got used to it, which is the best way to fully understand a complex and creative subject. Starting with my first employer back in 1966 and then throughout my business career most of the companies I worked for and all the ventures I helped launch were what the authors would call Blue Ocean businesses.   The first was...

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Guest Blog: The New Wave of Entrepreneurship

I am pleased that the folks at Toptal.com reached out to me to ask if we’d promote a recent article they’ve added to their site. ‘The New Wave of Entrepreneurship’ is written by Matt Swanson whose experiences as an engineer in Silicon Valley offer interesting insights into emerging trends. I don’t bring an engineers’ perspective to the site myself, and am delighted to add Matt’s voice. And check out Toptal.com. It was created by two entrepreneur engineers, Tasu Du Val, and Breanden Beneschott, who bring a compelling passion to their work. There is a multi-trillion dollar economy opening up to technology faster than ever. It has been driven by trends that have changed the nature of how entrepreneurs will be characterized going forward;...

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Discovering > Predicting

Many of us are convinced that the crucial early accomplishment in the creatively entrepreneurial process of building something new is producing the Plan. That is the first step in corporations and has been their model for a long time. Rushing to complete the Plan is a practice most other institutions—schools, non-profits, governments—and many individuals have taken up. It seems a necessary practice in corporations, this immediate production of the Plan.  Because they have many creative initiatives and projects underway, of course each needs a Budget; fiscal responsibility demands it.  And to establish a Budget, each project needs a Plan of what is to be built and the resources needed to build it. That means that when the team is most ignorant about what...

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Restoring your creative genius is simple

Restoring, rebuilding, retrieving, renewing your creative genius is really quite simple. I'm not saying it's easy, but it is simple. All it takes is for you to be intentional and I’m guessing you’re pretty good at being intentional—working at what is important to you. Since 98% of us were born informed with a creative genius—read about NASA’s role in the research that made this determination elsewhere on the site—many folks enjoy immediate success when they intentionally set out to become more creatively entrepreneurial, and most of the nearly 4000 students I’ve been fortunate to work with show significant growth. Successful creatively entrepreneurial folks tend to see problems as opportunities and have the ability to look at what others are looking at, and see what...

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