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3 quick creative hacks that are research based.

3 quick creative hacks that are research based.

I’ve shared the first before because it is so very easy to apply to boost your creative performance:

Researchers out of the University of Munich found that staring at the color green for 30 seconds dramatically improves your subsequent creative performance…their theory is it’s because green is the color of growth. I stare at my green card two or three times a day, and again when I sit down to do creative work. 

The second quick hack is one of my personal favorites. My wife and I have been married for 35 years and one of her regular observations of me is how much I enjoy listening to melancholic music. Well, research from the University of Columbia’s Business School finds that listening to sad music improves creative performances. This, from Cowboy Junkies, is one of my favorite pieces of sad music. It’s short:


And third, turn down the lights in your work space.  Research from the University of Stuttgart and the University of Hohenheim found that dim light improves creative performance. They believe we feel more personal freedom as the lights dim, inviting more creative expression. 

We are becoming increasingly aware that our creative qualities are vital to our successes, individually and collectively, and these quick hacks can help.

There’s a PDF for a creative green card for you to print out on my site.

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